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Aired 2-a ET • Recreational Pot Use Starts Monday in California; 2017 International Snow Sculpture Art Expo. Aired 3-p ET • Puerto Rico Governor Says 45 Percent Without Power; NPR Creates Brackets for Top 2017 News Stores; Apple Now Apologizing and Dropping Battery Prices; CNN Counts Down 2017 Top Media Stories. Aired 10-a ET • Trump Tells NYT: I Think Mueller Will "Be Fair"; Trump to NYT: "I Have Been Soft on China"; U. Officials: North Korea May Soon Test Ballistic Missile.

Aired 12-1a ET • Bronx Apartment Fire; New York Ramps up Security; Trump Comments on Amazon; Tax Reform Fuels Market Boost; Trump Voters Thoughts on Russia Probe; Trump Talks 2020 Win. Aired -4p ET • Trump to New York Times: I Think Mueller will "be Fair." China Denies Trump Accusation of Allowing Oil into North Korea; Kremlin: Relations with U. Aired 2-p ET • GOP Braces for 2018 Midterms; Deadly Attack in Kabul; Israel Names Wall After Trump; Democrat Delivers Dream; Aired -a • International Red Cross Evacuating Critically Ill People from Besieged Syrian Town; Olympic Torch Winds Through South Korea; 2017 May be the Hottest Year on Record.

Aired 10-11a ET • Trump's Agenda While Vacationing; U. Sending Anti-Tank Weapons to Help Ukraine; NYT: Trump Makes Inflammatory Statements about Immigrants in Meeting. Aired 11-12p ET • Nikki Haley Gave a Stern Warning to U. Members Pro- Independence Parties Win In Catalonia Election; U. Condemns Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Disgrace Cardinal Law Receives Vatican Funeral; Children Suffering In Damascus Suburb Under Siege; NORAD Tracking Santa.

Aired 2-3a ET • Trump Takes Aim at FBI; Midterm Elections for Republicans; GOP Looks for More Wins; Top Health Stories of 2017; Apple Slowed i Phones. Aired -3p ET • Jet Blue Plane Skids Off Icy Taxiway In Boston; Dow Poised To Record Best Year Since 2013; Trump Back to Work, Takes Aim at FBI Again.

Aired 2-p ET • NYT: Trump Makes Inflammatory Statements about Immigrants in Meeting; Rhona Graff Interviewed by Lawmakers in Russia Probe; Comey Tweets about James Baker Resignation; Trump Hits Golf Course After Tax Bill Victory; FBI Prevents San Francisco Terror Attack; Amb. Aired 9-a ET • Miss America CEO Under Fire; President Trump Declines to Hold Traditional End-of-Year Press Conference. Aired 1-2a ET • Spain's Rajoy Under Pressure After Catalonia Vote; U. Votes To Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Pope's Role In Disgraced Cardinal's Funeral Draws Outrage; Formula One: A Year In Review; Black South African Set To Make Olympic History. Aired -10a ET • Trump Greets Supporters As He Arrives for Florida Holiday; Pence Back in U. After Secret Visit to Afghanistan; CNN: Deputy FBI Director Could Back Up Comey's "Loyalty" Claim.

Peter Hoekstra Apologizes for Calling Muslim Comments "Fake News"; Thieves Steel Delivered Christmas Packages; Pentagon Releases Video of Possible UFOs; Space X Rocket Launch Causes Alien-Invasion Scare in California. Aired 2-3a ET • Pelosi Concerned about Probe; Haley to Throw Friendship Party; Netanyahu on Trump's Decision; Farenthold Facing New Accusations; Senate Settlements Released; Putin Comments on U. Aired 2-p ET • Soon: Trump Leaves for Florida after Tax Victory; Trump Predicts "Working with Democrats" in 2018.

Aired 2-p ET • China Shipping Oil to North Korea?

; Trump Golfs Yet Again; Roy Moore Contesting Senate Loss in Alabama.

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